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Small Changes for Big Impact


For years I lived in chaos. I over-scheduled my life and constantly felt anxious, overwhelmed and like I was disappointing everybody. I avoided structure at all costs because I thought it was in opposition of connection and relationships. But when everything came crashing down, I went on a journey of change. I got connected with my emotions and realized they were undermining my best intentions.

In building habits and structure in my life, I realized finding the right amount of structure facilitates connection rather than hindering it. Now my habits support my relationships. I didn’t give up spontaneity and fun, and get to give my best energy to what I actually value. Join me!

Your Life is Shaped by Your Habits Not Just Your Hopes!

Do you feel like you’re running your life or is your life running you? Do you have the best intentions about that health plan or fitness routine you’re going to start only to quit within the first week?

I was right there with you for years! I felt like a failure until I learned the simple yet profound power of habits that have literally changed every aspect of my life. I lived in a world of barely managed chaos, and now I consistently live in peace.

As simple as it sounds, learning and implementing habits has been a game changer. Habits help you build a life that lives out your priorities and core values and manage chaos so you can find peace daily.

You’re going to learn not only the behavioral science and practicals to creating a habit so that you can change your behavior, but also the thoughts and beliefs tied to them for lasting change. You’re going to rebuild trust with yourself  as you go after consistency and kindness towards yourself.

This 10-week journey will be life altering as you learn:

  • Principles of Behavior Science
  • How to Craft Habits
  • Revising Habits for Your Success
  • Changing Limiting Mindsets that Undermine Your Change
  • How to Iterate and Build on Your Habits
  • When to increase and how to strategically do it

You have to be stubborn about your goals, but flexible in how you get there. You WILL live more peacefully and give your best energy to your priorities rather than keeping chaos at bay. Building habits is the game-changer in life, and you’ll be empowered with tools to get unstuck from any area in life!

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Here’s What We’ll Cover!

01: Morning Routine Habits

Start your day with a little bit of intentionality that will give you margin for the rest of your day. A dialed in morning routine will change the tone of your whole day, regardless of your season of life!

02: Environmental Habits

Create a stack of small habits to get a cleaner house without a house cleaner! Tackle each area of your environment with simple, yet powerful tools while simultaneously kicking-out that feeling of “overwhelm” for the process. Hack all the areas in your home for a peaceful environment. 

03: Relationship Habits

Discover the systematic principles of tiny habits for big shfts in your relational roles. Use tiny habits to experience big change and deeper connection. The testimony from these habits are my favorite! Reconciliation with family members, marriages softening and heart connection with your children. 

04: Ditching Unhelpful Habits

It’s time to deconstruct those unhelpful habits. How many habits have you tried to change dozens of times, only to fail? Your hope will be revived when you approach changing your behavior by addressing the emotions that cue them and practice replacing them with more helpful options. It’s not enough to abstain from bad habits. You will develop habits that are more helpful and replace the unhelpful ones. 

05: Nutrition Habits

Are you ready for a plan to take small steps towards investing in eating healthier? Learn a simplified version of meal prep that is conducive making “the healthy choice” the easy option. Take intentional steps towards your nutrition goals at a pace that is sustainable. Your future self will thank you for the little bit of effort you put in preparing your food.

06: Finance Habits

Do you have a healthy relationship with money? You ARE ready to be powerful in this relationship and define the kind of relationship you want versus your current reality! By taking a deeper look at your beliefs, conscious and unconscious, you’ll be able to find creative new habits to give you the breakthrough you’re looking for.

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10 weeks of Empowering Teaching

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The Habit Lab Master Course


10 weeks of Empowering Teaching

Group Coaching and In-Class Activation

Guided Self-Reflections

Community of Like-Minded People Pursuing Change




Q: What happens if I miss a class?
A: Each week’s class is recorded & posted the day after for anyone who wasn’t able to make the live class. 
Q: Do I need to read any books or do any work before the first class?
A: There’s no required reading for the class. I do have a podcast that summarizes my favorite book if anyone wants to listen which has alot of great information here
Q: Are there responsibilities outside of class?
A: Yes, each week there is a 15 min video followed by a written self-reflection exercise. It’s beneficial to do them at the same time so you have time to discover your own answers, but everyone’s schedule capacity will be different.
Q: What if I have a question or need support?
A: We are here to help! With any questions, just email us at jennazint@gmail.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!

Until the Unconscious is Conscious, It Will Direct YOUR Life, And You’ll Call It Fate!