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Watch, learn and be equipped to transform your pain into purpose as you step into what God has for you. 



During these powerful live sessions, Real Talk Kim will give you practical tools and hold your hand as you walk through your healing process.


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A downloadable copy of Shut Hell Up and a workbook that activates you to turn your deepest pain into victory. It’s time to get your bounce back and turn your scars into stars!

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When the enemy Brings up Your Past, Remind him of Your Future!

How would your life change if you believed your setbacks — all your pain, struggles, and mess-ups — are a set-up for your God-breathed destiny? Real Talk Kim has experienced brokenness, and she’s here to hold your hand through the healing process. In her new e-course, Shut Hell Up, she shares her testimony and ministers biblical strategies for turning your deepest pain into a pulpit.

Through seven weeks of transforming content, you’ll be reminded of your true purpose as a son or daughter of the King, equipped to overcome whatever trials you’re facing, and empowered to move forward, leaving all the old patterns behind so you can live boldly in your God-given purpose. You’ll learn how:

  • God can transform your pain into your purpose
  • It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, no matter what your past looks like
  • To break free from lies and labels and embrace who God has called you to be
  • To make the most of your waiting seasons 
  • Your character and obedience are your greatest weapons in the battle
  • To overcome a victim mentality so you can live an empowered life 

If you’re at the end of your rope, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to shut hell up!

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7 Video Lessons

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01: Defeating Your Past

You don’t have to battle the lies of your past any longer. Of you want Him to turn your scars into stars, it’s time to get up, surrender your all to Him, and move forward. Are you ready? The Lord has done the work to get you healing and freedom! Your job is to allow Him to work in your life, even when it hurts.

02: The enemy’s Strategy

In God’s Kingdom, the harder you fall, the harder you’ll bounce back. Because the enemy knows the power of your redemption story, he will do whatever he can to keep you from recycling your pain into your purpose. Gain a new perspective on the pain of your past and be reminded that beautifully broken is where God does His best work.

03: Temporary Circumstances

God never expected you to be perfect. By surrendering the story of your past to Him and giving Him all the broken pieces, you can stop allowing the pain of your temporary circumstances to shape your life. Now is the time to change the narrative in your story by flipping your flaws!

04: Don’t Waste Your Waiting

Your best-selling redemption story might not come overnight, just like your pain didn’t. Learn new, biblical principles about waiting and glean fresh promises for your arsenal. Be revived in your purpose in the here and now. No matter where you are today, you can start moving forward toward your dreams.

05: Shifting Labels

Labels are a lot like ceilings that keep us trapped in our dysfunction. We can’t live out our God-given destiny until we make a conscious choice to break through and move past them! Be empowered to drop the comparison and accusations and put on a totally new identity.

06: Finding Your People

We weren’t created to take the journey alone. God wants to gift you with a family to walk through your healing journey with you — people who will call you up, remind you of our destiny, and hold you accountable to what you’ve set out to do.

07: What’s Your Dream?

It’s time to dig up and dust off your dream board. No matter where you’ve been, it’s not too late to live out your destiny. Develop a renewed momentum to leave your old ways behind so you can become the person you set out to be. It’s time to trust Jesus and take a leap of faith!

Real Talk Kim

Kimberly Jones, known as Real Talk Kim, travels the world fulfilling her purpose of loving people back to life. A mother of two sons and senior pastor at Limitless Church, Real Talk Kim is most importantly a worshiper after God’s own heart. She’s also passionate about empowering people for healing so they can stand up and take back their dreams, even amidst brokenness.

A best-selling author, Real Talk Kim has also been featured on The Doctor Oz Show, Oxygen’s Network Series’ Preachers of Atlanta, Your World with Creflo Dollar on BET, ABC’s Nightline, The Word Network, CNN, Praise in the Park Atlanta and numerous magazines and radio shows. She lives in Fayetteville, GA.

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It's Time to Shut Hell Up In Your Life!